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At Vet-O our ultimate objective is to provide the very best quality healthcare to our patients, who we know are such treasured family members to our clients. We will always put the needs of our patients and their families first, and will always treat your pets with the same care and love that we treat our own beloved pets.





Wellness Check


The importance of a yearly wellness check should never be underestimated. It gives owners a chance to discuss concerns or observations of their pet with an experienced veterinarian and veterinary nurse. When your vet examines your pet, they look at vision and hearing, dental health, skin and hair coat, body condition, cardiovascular performance and asses other vital organs. 

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Puppies and kittens generally have a course of vaccinations to provide protection from some common infectious and potentially fatal diseases.
If you own a rabbit or ferret you should also consider vaccination from Rabbit Calicivirus and Canine Distemper Virus respectively. The fatality rate in these two species from those infections is very high. 

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De-sexing - Spaying or Neutering

The choice to spay or neuter an animal can be a difficult one for some owners, while others will perform the procedure without a second thought. For males, it generally involves the removal of the testicles and is called castration or neutering. For females it may involve the removal of the ovaries and uterus or sometimes just the ovaries and is called spaying or speying. There is also much debate over when the best time to de-sex.

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In our designated sterile operating theatre, animals will experience gold standard surgical care. From the moment they arrive at the hospital they will be made to feel secure in our surgical procedure.  From routine procedures such as de-sexing and dental scale and polishes, to orthopaedic surgeries performed by specialist surgeons, we will make the pets the priority, while making sure their owners have an understanding and are comfortable with the process.

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Dental Care


Prevention is Vet-O’s approach to dental treatment. There are many products available to provide dental prophylaxis including those that can be chewed, drunk or eaten.
These aim to reduce bacteria, calculus formation and halitosis. The best product to use can be difficult to decide, however, at Vet-O we are happy to discuss which product may be the most appropriate.

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Emergency Care and House Calls

Vet-O has an emergency contact number where a vet can be reached 24 hours a day. This caters for those unexpected emergencies that cannot be predicted or easily prevented. Even just the ability to talk to a veterinarian can be enough in most cases and allow owners to monitor their animal without added stress of the situation.

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Pet Euthanasia


The decision to euthanise a pet can be the most difficult time for both owners and pets. At Vet-O we know how much pets mean to their owners and we try to make this time minimal stress.  We are happy to guide owners through when is the most appropriate time, taking into consideration the optimal comfort for everyone

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Dog Seizures

A seizure generally results from increased electrical activity in the front part of the brain. The patient will usually lose consciousness, fall over and may become very stiff then start paddling limbs and/or tremor, but there are many variations. If your dog experiences abnormal behaviour it is often good to capture it with a smart phone to show your veterinarian.

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Preventative Healthcare – Fleas, Ticks and Worms

Prevention is our focus when it comes to fleas, ticks and worms, and choosing the right preventative measures can often be less costly. Even indoor only animals can get fleas and once infected, can be difficult to control. Sydney springs and summers provide the perfect conditions for fleas to go through their life cycle although year-round dosing is often advisable.

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Itchy Skin


Itchy skin is one of the most common presenting complaints for veterinarians. This often results in itchy animals, disturbed owners and may even culminate in the animal engaging in self trauma. There is a vast range of presentations of these diseases from repeat ear infections, conjunctivitis, obsessively licking feet, to rashes on the face, body or legs, or combinations of these.

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Pet Boarding

A cat boarding facility exists on-site with premium quality care. We have plush bedding, extra-large litter trays and a smorgasbord of food options. As routine we provide ‘Gold Standard’ Royal Canin cat food for all boarders. For boarders that are elderly or have medications we provide increased monitoring in hospital accommodation.

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At Vet-O we perform specialised grooming services for our feline friends or difficult dogs. We are happy to perform belly or lion-clips for cats that may require anaesthetic or sedation. For those dogs that find a trip to the groomers particularly stressful we can provide a solution. Or for dogs that have avoided a brush for too long and require a rescue groom, we are here to help.

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Dr Chris Hong

B.Sc, B.Comm, B.V.Sc N9882

Chris had an early career as an environmental consultant after graduating from the University of Sydney in 2003 with a combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce. Prior to starting, and during vet school, Chris worked as a nurse at Mosman Veterinary Hospital. He also worked for several other vet clinics during this time, including the North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre and Hornsby Veterinary Hospital. Soon after graduation from the University of Sydney, he began work for Collaroy Vet where he developed interests in surgery, internal medicine and behaviour. Chris started Vet-O Brookvale with the aim of providing competitively priced vet care with a strong customer service focus.  He currently lives in North Manly with his wife and two young daughters. He is a keen surfer and when he’s not saving animal lives he likes to catch a wave or two at the local beaches.

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Helen Armitage

Head Veterinary Nurse


Luciana Bumbel

Veterinary Nurse


Mieke Bosman

Veterinary Nurse


Dr Matthew Burke

Locum Veterinarian




Many sincere thanks to Chris for his very compassionate, but highly professional and knowledgeable treatment of our dog Jessie who had the debilitating Cushings Disease.  Thanks to his quick diagnosis, recommended medication and regular testing, we now have a healthy dog who has a lovely coat and no noticeable symptoms that could have easily ended her life 3 years ago.  I look forward with great confidence to Jessie’s continued care from this very special vet. 

- Jackie Wilson





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