Pet Surgery

In our designated sterile operating theatre, animals will experience gold standard surgical care. From the moment they arrive at the hospital, they will be made to feel secure in our surgical procedure.


We have got you covered!

From routine procedures such as de-sexing and dental scale and polishes to orthopaedic surgeries performed by specialist surgeons, Vet-O will make the animals the priority, while making sure their owners have an understanding and are comfortable with the process.

We use a combination of technology and dedication to ensure surgical prowess. This includes pre-anaesthetic assessment and testing, modern anaesthetic equipment and monitoring, purpose-built theatre, high-quality surgical instruments and suture, gentle recovery and tailored pain management plan.

Pre-anaesthetic assessment and testing

Prior to every surgical procedure, a veterinarian and nurse will examine the animal to assess the animal’s fitness for general anaesthetic. Blood may be collected to check for evidence of adequate liver and kidney function. The animal is given a pre-anesthetic sedation if examination and tests are satisfactory to ensure relaxed anaesthetic induction, anaesthetic stability and provide pain relief.

Modern anaesthetic equipment & monitoring

For the duration of the anaesthetic, the animal will be maintained on modern anaesthetic equipment and second-by-second monitoring of vital signs to ensure a smooth anaesthetic. These machines help ensure optimal recovery from anaesthesia and more prompt discharge times.

Purpose built theatre

The surgical theatre was built with the aim of performing major surgeries and includes a heated surgical table to maintain patients body temperature that can decrease and affect recovery and healing time. Instruments have been prepared with the highest standard of care in order to maintain sterility.

High-quality instruments & suture

We use premium quality instruments to reduce tissue trauma and encourage less inflammation post-surgery. Our range of suture material is the same type utilised in human surgery resulting in the more pleasant recovery period and post-surgical wound more cosmetically pleasing.

Gentle recovery & tailored pain management plan

At Vet-O we strive to make recovery from anaesthetic and surgery low stress. Additionally, each animal has a pain management plan that accounts for animal’s age, health status and type of surgery performed. It is recognised that pain and stress can negatively affect the healing process so we strive to minimise these for an optimal surgical result.