Cat Boarding in Brookvale NSW

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Cat boarding at an affordable rate in luxurious surroundings will make you and your cat feel purrfect.

About our cat boarding facility

Classical Music

Played all day this can soothe the most cranky feline friend.

Pheromone Diffuser

Pheromone essential for trust is diffused throughout the cattery 24 hours a day.

Premium Food

All cat receive premium food while boarding at Vet-O for the duration of their stay

Play Time

Cats can stretch their legs during playtime with toys and dedicated nurse care.

Multi-level Cages

Your cat will have all day to choose his location to perch in our multi-level cages. They may even choose a hammock.

Veterinary Supervision

Nursing care will spot any issues during a cat's stay and address it accordingly.

Our cattery is small and exclusive so early booking is essential. Your cat will love you for it.

Call 02 8964 7906

Meet our team

Dr Chris Hong

B.SC, B.COMM, B.V.SC N9882

Chirs has graduated from University of Sydney and has worked at various vet clinics including North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre, Hornsby Veterinary Hospital and Collaroy Vet. Chris started Vet-O Brookvale with the aim of providing competitively priced vet care with a strong customer service focus.

Luciana Bumbel


Luciana, with a BSc in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, brings valuable experience in orthopaedic procedures to Vet-O Brookvale. Her broad experience ranges from nursing to veterinary practice in Brazil. Highly involved in animal welfare initiatives, her passion for conscious animal care greatly enriches our team.

Lani Alexander


Lani was born and raised in Manly where her love for animals started as a child when she got her first cat, Claw. Her dream is to one day travel and work internationally with wildlife conservation organizations, animal sanctuaries and animal shelters to help improve the quality of life for all animals around the globe.

Lilli Bell


Lilli started with the Vet-O Brookvale team in February 2022, learning the ropes from senior nurses. Originally from Byron Bay, Lilli discovered her love of animals at a young age and is embracing t4at now at Vet-O. At home, Lilli has a New Zealand Huntaway x Australian Kelpie (Kel) and 3 Chickens (Olive, Daisy and Torchic).