Ear infection treatment for Dogs

Ear infections can be a pain in the neck. Comprehensive care involves making the right assessment for individual problems.


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Ear infections are a common problem for dogs especially those with floppy ears. Often they are treated based on initial clinical signs but often there can be a more insidious problem occurring that can result in unresolved problems for the dog and the owner.

Our comprehensive care involves making the right assessment for individual problems.

What's included in the ear treatment process for dogs?

Icon for pet's history taking

Full history taking

History taking can be key in solving the problem of long running ear infections as well as short term flare ups.

Icon for physical examination of dog's ear infection

Full Physical Exam

Ear canal assessment is important as it can differentiate numerous types of conditions, as well as assess safety for particular treatments.

icon for dogs' ear

Ear Swab (optinal)

Looking at cell type and pathogen type from the ear canal is a must for solving any ear infection

icon for medication of dogs


Matching the medication to each particular problem is essential to treating any ear infection

veterinary follow up icon


Monitoring the response to treatment is as important as the diagnosis itself.