Rabbit Healthcare & Vaccination

Keeping rabbits healthy takes more than the occasional carrot. We are the most dedicated rabbit vets Sydney has to offer, and are committed to helping you create the perfect home conditions for your pet bunny.


We have got you covered!

Vet-O is committed to keep rabbits healthy are committed to helping you create the perfect home conditions for your pet bunny. Now that’s something to smile about.

  • Full history taking
    Discussion of diet and housing is as important to rabbit health as the vaccination.
  • Full physical exam
    Oral exam, cardiovascular assessment, gastrointestinal assessment and quantification of vital signs are all important in assessing a rabbit’s health.
  • Vaccination for calicivirus
    Calicivirus is a terrible disease passed from rabbit to rabbit but can also be passed on by flying insects such as flies, so rabbits don’t need to see other rabbits to contract it.

Providing peace of mind

We will always put the needs of our patients and their families first, and will always treat your pets with the same care and love that we treat our own beloved pets.

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20 Years of Experience

Our vets and supporting staff brings in years of experience to provide you with the best service and solve your pet's problems quickly.

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Affordable Services

We do not only provide cost effective solutions but the quality and experince you will recieve at Vet-O is also unmatched.

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Friendly Team

Our friendly and experienced team knows how to deal with your pet and pervent them from getting stressed.

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Appropriate Communication

We understand how important it is to have appropriate communication with clients regarding procedures and treatments.