De-sexing – spaying or neutering

There is much debate over when the best time to de-sex is and at Vet-O we are happy to discuss these notions for each animal on an individual basis, to highlight the benefits for each time-frame and possibly dispel some myths and misconceptions.

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The choice to spay or neuter an animal can be a difficult one for some owners, while others will perform the procedure without a second thought. At Vet-O we are happy to guide you through pros and cons of de-sexing and best time to do it.

Good reasons to de-sex your pet include

  • Avoid unwanted pregnancies;
  • Less likely to roam and therefore reduced risk of mis-adventure;
  • Many clients notice an improvement in undesirable behaviour;
  • Increased life-span (for females, reduced incidence of mammary, uterine and ovarian tumours, for males, reduced testicular tumours and some prostate disease); and,
  • Reduced inter-animal aggression.

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