X-Ray for all animals – big & small


We have got you covered!

X-ray allows our vets a non-invasive way to look at structure and shape of bone and soft tissue structures in your animal.

X-ray is a useful tool to veterinarians world-wide. At Vet-O we make it affordable and useful.

What's included in the X-Ray procedure for pets?

X-Ray collection

X-Rays allow assessment of both bone and soft tissue structures without any invasive surgical procedures.

Physical Exam

Assessing the patient for sedation or anaesthetic is essential and can allow for localising the problem. This will result in achieving good x-rays faster allowing for the most cost-effective method.

X-Ray Review

After collecting the x-rays, experienced veterinarians will assess each one with an aim to achieve a diagnosis.

Sedation or anaesthetic

Achieving good quality x-rays allows better diagnosis. This is achieved most often with sedation or anaesthetic.

Hospitalisation (extra)

Being stress free in recovery from x-rays is very important to the animal and at Vet-O we keep animals as comfortable as possible.