Prevention is our focus when it comes to fleas, ticks and worms, and choosing the right preventative measures can often be less costly. Even indoor-only animals can get fleas and once infected, can be difficult to control. Sydney springs and summers provide the perfect conditions for fleas to go through their life cycle although year-round dosing is often advisable. For animals that have a particular sensitivity to flea bites, strict control is indicated.

Ticks are commonplace on the northern beaches due to our large population of bandicoots and every year some animals pass away as a result of the paralysis caused by the tick toxin.  Animals with tick paralysis often stay in the hospital for 2-3 days with some staying for over a week. They may need very intensive veterinary care and this can be costly. Most of the chewable products are brilliant at preventing tick paralysis when used at appropriate dosing and frequency.

Worms can result in general ill thrift in animals and can easily be passed onto human companions. Dosing frequency is quite different between juvenile and adult and preventing worms at a young age can be important during the transition to adulthood.

We are happy to apply or administer flea, tick and worm treatments, free of charge, for the ease of the owner, or for animals that are particularly difficult.

At Vet-O we stock a wide range of preventative products for fleas, ticks and worms. PetO also has a wide variety of products at competitive prices.


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