The choice to spay or neuter an animal can be a difficult one for some owners, while others will perform the procedure without a second thought. For males, it generally involves the removal of the testicles and is called castration or neutering. For females it may involve the removal of the ovaries and uterus or sometimes just the ovaries and is called spaying or speying. There is much debate over when the best time to de-sex is and at Vet-O we are happy to discuss these notions for each animal on an individual basis, to highlight the benefits for each time-frame and possibly dispel some myths and misconceptions.

Good reasons to de-sex your pet include:

  1. Avoid unwanted pregnancies;
  2. Less likely to roam and therefore reduced risk of mis-adventure;
  3. Many clients notice an improvement in undesirable behaviour;
  4. Increased life-span (for females, reduced incidence of mammary, uterine and ovarian tumours, for males, reduced testicular tumours and some prostate disease); and,
  5.  Reduced inter-animal aggression.


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