Itchy skin is one of the most common presenting complaints about veterinarians. This often results in itchy animals, disturbed owners and may even culminate in the animal engaging in self-trauma. There is a vast range of presentations of these diseases from repeat ear infections, conjunctivitis, obsessively licking feet, to rashes on the face, body or legs, or combinations of these. A few simple tests may be able to identify the cause of the discomfort, but sometimes more involved testing and the diagnostic process must be followed before a diagnosis can be made. Sometimes a diagnosis is reached through exclusion, whereby only after all other possible diagnoses have been eliminated as unlikely or not possible, can a certain diagnosis be reached.

Living on the northern beaches means that the likelihood of itchy pets is increased as the environment makes it a great location for fleas and ticks to go through their life cycles. Some allergy-causing plants are in plentiful supply across backyards of the area. Warm humid conditions encourage the development of bacterial and fungal infections. Identifying the possible cause and appropriate treatment is the end-goal at Vet-O.


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