The decision to euthanise a pet can be the most difficult time for both owners and pets. At Vet-O we know how much pets mean to their owners and we try to make this time minimal stress.  We are happy to guide owners through when is the most appropriate time, taking into consideration the optimal comfort for everyone. Some conditions have a poor prognosis and euthanasia may be given as an option to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.

If the owner chooses to stay with the animal during the process of euthanasia, the veterinarian will guide the client through the steps taken and will notify them of their pet’s passing. Before commencing the process, the veterinarian will discuss all the aftercare options so that it is well understood what is expected for the animal.

Vet-O prides itself on empathy and compassion for animals and owners and conducts this process with the utmost importance.


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