Prevention is Vet-O’s approach to dental treatment. There are many products available to provide dental prophylaxis including those that can be chewed, drunk or eaten.

These aim to reduce bacteria, calculus formation and halitosis. The best product to use can be difficult to decide, however, at Vet-O we are happy to discuss which product may be the most appropriate.

Once dental disease reaches a certain point, a dental scale and polish with possible extractions may be required. Animals require a general anaesthetic for dental procedures to help increase the safety and comfort of the animal and the operator. A scale and polish can remove dental calculus, reduce periodontal disease and delay the formation of calculus. Tooth extraction is often performed in animals where periodontal disease has passed a certain point. A dental treatment suited to each individual animal will be devised before the start of each procedure.

Poor dental health has been linked to heart disease, kidney disease, respiratory disease and general malaise, so it is important that we maintain good dentition in our pet, to ensure the comfort of our longer living animals. Regular 6 monthly checks are recommended following a dental procedure to ensure the success of the dental program.


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